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Planned Release Date: March, 2021

Sales App

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Fixed an error when sending a Quote to a Customer using an Office 365 email server.
  • Fixed: Hot water systems in the Designer had an incorrect orientation.
  • Fixed: When using the Refresh Amounts button in Edit Kit, the Wholesale Cost will be updated from the Calculated Wholesale Cost.
  • Fixed: Users can no longer use the Clear Design function on Accepted Quotes.
  • Fixed: STC’s will now calculate from the Postcode of the Site on the Quote (instead of the Current Site against the Customer Card).
  • Fixed: When searching for Customers, the system will now search on all of the Customer Site addresses.
  • Fixed: After the customer signs the Quote and the user clicks Yes to send an email, the system will now popup the Email PDF screen.
  • Fixed: Admin users without the System Administrator role can no longer see the Product Worksheet.


  • New Feature: Dealers can now add custom text to the Accept Quote web page (more details).
  • New Feature: Merge Customer (more details).
  • New Feature: Automatic Reminder Date on Quotes (more details).
  • New Feature: Allow system administrators to change the Sale Date on Accepted quotes (more details).
  • Updated: Re-designed the Email Template configuration screens (more details).
  • Updated: Added 3 new rows to the Solar Power Estimated Savings grid (if the Quote is financed):
    • Yearly Lease Repayments
    • Net Cash Flow
    • Cumulative Cash Flow
  • Updated: Additional Info section is now available on all Quote tabs.
  • Updated: Users can now view Accepted quote designs and edit Annotations on them.
  • Updated: When adding photo’s to the Quote, if one photo is uploaded and it is the only photo, it will be automatically marked as the Meter Box photo.
  • Updated: Moved the quote pricing to the bottom of the Quote Review page (to match the Quote Proposal printout).
  • Updated: When duplicating a quote, an Activity Log will now be created.
  • Updated: The Site Address is now visible in the Quote header.
  • Updated: Added Total Price inc GST column to the Quotes list.
  • Updated: Configure type users can now edit other users Activity Log entries.
  • Updated: Changed the Accept Quote link to a button in EMAIL1.
  • Updated: Added more detail to the mobile screens:
    • My Calendar
    • Quotes
  • Updated: Added a Region filter to Sales Report (New).
  • Updated: Panels and Collectors will now display an orientation indicator arrow in the Designer.
  • Updated: Added a Download CSV Template button to the Import Leads function.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Fixed an error when adding a new Site.
  • Fixed: Duplicate customer names are now allowed when creating the customer in MYOB.
  • Fixed: When marking Assets as Installed, the system will use the Date of the Job instead of todays date.
  • Fixed: Billing Customer will now transfer from the Quote to the Installation Job correctly.


  • New Feature: Merge Site (more details).
  • New Feature: Site Image. Users can now capture an image of the Customer Site and add it to the Asset Service Report email (more details).
  • Updated: STC Invoices can now be created from Quotes.
  • Updated: Inventory Management Redesign (more details).
  • Updated: Added more detail to the mobile screens:
    • Service Jobs
  • Updated: When editing the Design on a Job, the system will now ask the user before refreshing the Assets.
  • Updated: Alerts can now be attached to Lead Activity Notes.

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