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  • This article will explain how to configure Email Templates.

How to configure Email Templates

  1. Open the Main Menu and scroll down to CONFIGURE.
  2. Click Emails.
  3. A list of the configured email templates will be shown. Please note, the following emails are system related:
    • EMAIL1 – Sent via the Quote > Print / Email Quote > Email function.
    • EMAIL2 – Sent after the customer accepts the quote.
    • EMAIL3 – Sent when the Grid Application is Approved.
    • EMAIL4 – Sent the day before an installation will occur.
    • EMAIL5 – Sent the day before a service will occur.
    • EMAIL6 – Sent when the metering is ready to install.
    • EMAIL7 – Sent when an installation job is Finalised.
    • QUOTEOPENED – Sent when the customer views EMAIL1.
  4. You can add or edit emails in the list.
  5. When creating a new Email Template you must fill in the mandatory fields:
    • Code – Template code
    • Data Source – Data source of the email (Customer, Job, Quote or Asset Service Report)
    • Template
    • From Address
    • To Address
    • Subject
  6. You can use the Merge Fields button (after selecting a Data Source), to add a data value to any of the following:
    • From Address
    • To Address
    • Subject
    • Body Title
    • Body Image
    • Body
    • Header
    • Footer
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