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Planned Release Date: Nov, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Leads from SAP will now match Customers and Pre-CRM Customers by Postcode + (Email OR Mobile Number OR Phone Number).
  • Leads from SAP with an incomplete address will not create a Site record (the Postcode will still be imported and visible on the Lead).
  • Fixed a timeout error when updating sales in the Sales Dashboard.
  • If Allow Salespeople to add Leads and Customers is turned off in Settings, salespeople can no longer create Customers via the Customer drop down box.
  • Increased the quality of photos when they are uploaded to the Customer or Quote.
  • If a queued email fails to be delivered to the recipient, the From address will now receive an email notification.
  • Fixed incorrect date/time in Nearmaps Coverage dropdown.
  • When a Reminder Date is added to a Quote that is part of a Duplicate Quote family, it will now copy to all Quotes.
  • You can no longer Merge a Customer into itself.
  • Additional charges against Battery products will now total correctly in the Sales Report and Sales Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue when taking photos on iOS devices.
  • When duplicating a Quote, if the PV/HW STC Year is less than the current year, it will automatically change to the current year.
  • Fixed NULL values in the Sales Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with the Where Used function in Products.
  • Fixed a timezone issue when a Customer accepts a Quote via the email link.


  • Import Interval Data: Added a new action to the Quote page to import interval data. This data will be used when calculating the Site’s Usage for savings calculations. (more details)
  • Quote Followup Automation: Quote followup Emails and Tasks can now be automated based on a schedule. (more details)
  • Existing PV System Rework: Existing PV systems can now be setup against Quotes. This data will be used for calculating Solar Generation values for savings calculations. (more details)
  • Quote Proposal: Replaced the Quote Review page with the new Quote Proposal page. The Quote Proposal can be printed/emailed to the Customer.
  • Quote Proposal Widgets: Added a new page to the Configuration menu called Sales Quote Widgets. This allows a dealer to configure the available Quote Proposal widgets for the different Quote types. (more details)
  • Product Analysis Report: Added a new report called Product Analysis Report. This shows the number of Product sales per Salesperson per month (more details)
  • Lead Notes will now automatically copy between a Duplicate Quote family.
  • Added a new Setting: Salespeople can see all quotes. If this is unticked, salespeople can only see their own Quotes when using the global search.
  • Added a new Sales Amounts to Settings: Net Price (Before STCs and Rebates inc GST) and Net Price (After STCs and Rebates inc GST).
  • Added a new field to the Quote: Date of Acceptance. This is populated with the date the Quote is changed to the status: Quote Accepted and Requires Finalisation. This date is used to filter the Accepted Quotes in the Sales Dashboard.
  • Added the wording “Government Incentive” to the end of the PV/HW STCs line in the Quote Summary/Quote Proposal.
  • Added Configuration to the Scheduler tooltip (ie: Single Story, Double Story, etc).
  • Added a filter dropdown to the Leads list (similar to the Quotes list).
  • Added Sales Date to the Quotes list.
  • Added Lead Date to Marketing Export report.

PV Kit Builder Changes

  • Users can now select which Kits they would like to Generate using the Ready to Apply functionality (similar to the Product Worksheet).
  • Products in Kits can now be substituted using the Product Substitution configuration. (more details)
  • Added a new button called Panel Config, where you can Hide Panels and setup per panel Rail Configuration. (more details)
  • Added a new Panel/Inverter Combination setting called Sell Price Rounding. This will automatically round the Customer Sell Price (inc GST) amount on generated Kits. (more details)
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