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Added in Version 0.31


  • In this article we’ll describe how to configure and view Quote Followup Automation on a Quote.

Configure Quote Followup Automation

  1. Open the Main Menu and scroll down to CONFIGURE
  2. Click Quote Followup Config
  3. This allows you to configure followup tasks. Columns:
    • Enabled: If ticked, the followup task will trigger on Quotes
    • Days After Quote: The number of days, after the Quote is sent to the Customer, that the task will trigger
    • Type: Email or Task – Type of task to execute, either send an email or create a task in the calendar
    • Code: Email Template code (for Type = Email) or Task Category (for Type = Task)
    • Time: Time to send the Email (for Type = Email) or Task Time (for Type = Task)
    • Who By: Send the email from this person (for Type = Email) or person to assign the task to (for Type = Task)

Trigger Quote Followup Automation

Quote Followup Automation is automatically triggered when a Quote changes to the Quote complete and requires followup status

View Quote Followup Tasks

  1. Open a Quote that has the Quote complete and requires followup or higher
  2. Click Quote Followup, under the Actions section
  3. This will display all followup tasks for this Quote and allow you to open the Email or Task
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