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Added in Version 0.31


  • In this article we’ll describe how to add an Existing PV System to a Quote.

Add an Existing PV System

  1. Open a Quote and click the PV or Battery tab (depending on the type of Quote)
  2. Scroll down to the Existing PV Arrays section
  3. For each PV Array in the existing PV System add a new row and fill out the following columns:
    • Panel Orientation: Orientation of the panel array in degrees
    • kW: Total kW of the panels in the array
    • Temp Coeff: Temperature Coefficient of the panels in the array
    • Pitch: Panel pitch in degrees
    • Inverter Efficiency: Inverter Efficiency as a percentage decimal, ie: 0.98
    • Inverter kW: Total kW of the Inverter attached to the array
    • Notes: Additional notes for the PV Array
    • Remove Existing System: Flags that this PV Array will be removed during installation
  4. All Existing PV Arrays will be including in Savings Calculations for this Quote
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