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Added in Version 0.31


  • In this article we’ll describe how configure Sell Price Rounding for the kits generated by the PV Kit Builder.

Configure Sell Price Rounding for a Panel/Inverter Combination

  1. Open the Main Menu and scroll down to PRICING
  2. Click PV Kit Builder
  3. Click the on a Panel/Inverter Combination (the cells coloured green)
  4. Input Sell Price Rounding (1-99)
  5. When a kit is generated for this Panel/Inverter Combination, the Customer Sell Price will be rounded based on this setting. Example: If the Sell Price Rounding is set to 99, the Customer Sell Price will round to the nearest 99 dollars – $ 1,445.00 would become $1,499.00

Configure Sell Price Rounding for multiple Panel/Inverter Combinations

  1. Open the PV Kit Builder
  2. Click the Set Costs button
  3. Input Sell Price Rounding (1-99)
  4. Select the Inverters and Panels
  5. Click OK
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