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Planned Release Date: Nov, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a timezone issue with the Calendar Integration.
  • Quote Notes are now hidden for Non-Admin Users on the Job.
  • Fixed the Change User function in the Alerts screen.
  • Completed Jobs report will now exclude Quote records.
  • When adding an Asset to the system manually, the Quantity will now default to 1.
  • Fixed a timezone issue on incoming SMS messages.
  • Fixed a speed issue in the Job Documents page.


  • Editable Emails: When using the Send Email functionality, you can now edit the email before it is sent. This also applies to emails sent via Admin Requirements.
  • Product Search Report: Added a new report called Product Search Report. Analyses Quote/Job Product data based on a Date Range and Status filter. Can be used to look up promos/discounts against Quotes/Jobs, etc (more details)
  • Inventory Locations: Locations can now be used to group stock. Inventory can be transferred between locations (more details)
  • Technicians can now edit Site Plans on the Job.
  • Added a Total Labour column to the Cost Sheet. The Cost Sheet is also available on the Quote.
  • You can now set Products as Exclude from Picking List. This only applies to Dealers that have not setup Inventory. (more details)
  • Added the Job ID column to the Inventory page.
  • Added a new merge field to Required Document Templates: %Postal Address%
  • Added 2 new merge fields for Job emails %Original Salesperson Email% and %Battery Type%.
  • Added 4 new searchable fields to Jobs:
    • EWR No.
    • EWR Date Submitted
    • STC No.
    • STC Date Registered

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