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Planned Release Date: Feb, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when emailing a Quote with custom attachments.
  • Custom products will now load into the Product Worksheet when pricing is updated (these products can then be used as Accessories in the PV Kit Builder).
  • Fixed a calculation error in several Quote Widgets when an Existing PV System has been specified.
  • Tasks created by Quote Followups will now appear in schedulers/calendars correctly.
  • Tasks will no longer be created on weekends from a Quote Followup template (it will find the next available weekday).
  • Fixed an issue where salespeople could no longer see Sales Leads.
  • Fixed an error when opening a PDF document attached to a Quote (iOS devices only).
  • Fixed an issue when transferring a Pre CRM Customer with no address.
  • Fixed a calculation error in the Quote MTD value on the Sales Dashboard.
  • The search box on the Sales Scheduler should work correctly now.
  • New custom products are now selectable as Accessories in the PV Kit Builder.
  • When followup Emails/Tasks are created for an old Quote, the system will apply the followup template to today’s date instead of the Quote Date.
  • When a Customer accepts a Quote, the system will now cancel all pending Quote Followups for the duplicate quote family (if the Quote has been duplicated).
  • Fixed missing Kit Component information when using the Generate Kits function from the Hot Water Kit Builder.


  • VEECs: Calculate and display Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) on a Quote (Victorian Dealers Only). (more details) (configure)
  • ESCs: Calculate and display Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) on a Quote (NSW Dealers Only). (more details) (configure)
  • Disable the Average Electricity Usage field if its value is calculated using the Calculate Avg Electricity Usage function.
  • Added Export and Grid Usage estimates to the Site-Specific Performance Estimate Assumed Values grid on the Quote Proposal (if they have been supplied in the Calculate Avg Electricity Usage function).
  • When applying more than 4000 products in the Product Worksheet, the system will now process them in batches of 4000.
  • EMAIL2 will now automatically send when the Customer Signature is collected (previously it would only send when they accept the Quote via the email link).
  • Added settings to turn on/off the following mandatory fields:
    • Date Lodged
    • Date Approved
    • Application Reference No.
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