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Planned Release Date: May, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Users can no longer add different PV/HW/Battery Systems on the same System number in Quote Products.
  • Duplicate Quotes are now hidden from the Schedulers (this can be toggled on/off on the Scheduler).
  • Fixed an issue with the filter of the Quotes Accepted and Requires Finalisation button on the Sales Dashboard.


  • Pricing Alerts: When new pricing is rolled out, all System Admin users will see a banner at the top of the app asking them to apply the new updates.
  • Trade Customers: Customers can now be marked as a Trade Customer. This will flow through to the Quote and automatically remove the In-Home Assessment Date.
  • New Security Roles: Added new User security roles (to enable/disable certain features):
    • Change In-Home Assessment Date
    • Sales Report
    • Edit All Notes
  • HW Gas Boosted/Upgrade Kits: Added a new action to the HW Kit Builder to allow the configuration of Gas Boosted or Upgrade Kits.
  • Battery Kit Builder: Added a new Kit Builder for Battery kits.
  • Feed-in Tariff can now be setup to finish or change at the end of a year on the Quote (example: It could be $0.30 up until Y2 then change to $0.15 ongoing).
  • Sales Dashboard can now be filtered by User Roles. Added new KPI’s for Battery Only and HW/PV/Battery Combo Quotes.
  • Added new settings for Electricity Price Inflation for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3. This is used when calculating savings on a Quote.
  • If a Quote has a PV/HW STC Calculation Year less than the default (in Settings) a warning will be displayed at the top of the Quote.
  • When a Lead or Quote is deleted, instead of removing it from the database, it is archived (with a Status of LEAD DELETED or QUOTE DELETED respectively).
  • Users with the Sales Report permission can now open the Sales Report from the Quote page (filtered down to the current Quote).
  • When new pricing is rolled out, the Wholesale Cost of custom kits will now rollup based on the cost of the components.
  • Users can now toggle the backup map imagery service (if applicable) in the Quote Designer tool.
  • Added a new action to the Product Worksheet called Edit Products. This can be used to set the Import Type on all products in the filtered view.
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