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Planned Release Date: May, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Rescheduled Jobs now appear in the Job Scheduler correctly.
  • Combo Jobs now appear in the Uninvoiced Job Report correctly.
  • The Stock Ordering Report will now report on Picking List data. If a product has been picked, this will reduce the Quantity Required column.
  • The Inventory Report will now show Inactive Products. This allows the user to report on recently discontinued products.

Speed Fixes

  • The Xero Invoice Creation process has been improved.


  • Publish Site Plan: Added a new action to Site Plans called Publish PDF. This will save a PDF version of the Site Plan to Job Documents which allows it to be attached to Job Emails.
  • Custom Invoice Types: Dealers can now setup custom Invoice Types. Invoice Types can contain Invoice Line templates and override the Customer on the invoice.
  • Online Invoice URL: Added a new action for Xero Invoices called Open Online Invoice. This can be used to open the online version of the Invoice (which allows it to be saved as PDF, CSV, etc).
  • Added VEECs and ESCs Invoice Types (similar to STC Invoices).
  • When a Job is deleted, instead of removing it from the database, it is archived (with a Status of JOB DELETED).
  • The Customer’s Postal Address will now be used on the Asset Service ReportGenerate Service Mailout function (instead of the Customer’s “Current” Address).
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