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Planned Release Date: Aug, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Inactive users will now have the word [INACTIVE] before their name in all drop downs/selection lists in the app.
  • The system will no longer try to send the Quote Accepted email if the Customer Signature screen is cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue with Trade Mount pricing in the HW Kit Builder.
  • Customer search will now work correctly when there is an ampersand (&) in the search query.
  • The Use RRP function will now apply to Product Worksheet lines where RRP does not equal zero.
  • The Quote PDF should now attach to EMAIL2 when using the Customer Signature method to accept the Quote.


  • Customer Payments: Customer Payments can now be processed against Quotes/Jobs using Stripe (requires a Stripe Account. More info).
  • Promo Report: Added a new report Promo Report to lookup promos against Quotes between a certain date range.
  • Performance Scorecard: Performance Scorecard can be submitted directly to Solahart from the Sales Dashboard for a certain month. This is available to System Administrators only. (more info)
  • Roof Products: Added a new configuration page called Roof Products. This allows Products to be mapped to Roof Types using a provided formula. When the Quote Design is saved, the system will add applicable Roof Products to the Quote. (more info)
  • Customer Wants and Needs: Added a new section to the Quote called Customer Wants and Needs. These are a set of questions the Sales Person will ask the customer. These answers will be used in future Sales App features.
  • TIGO Optimisers: PV Arrays in the Quote Designer tool can be setup to have 1 or more TIGO Optimisers. This will add the TIGO products to the Quote and increase the panel performance. NOTE: Does not work for SolarEdge inverters. Requires the TIGO products to be imported via the Product Worksheet.
  • Added Shading % as a setting to each PV Array in the Quote Designer tool.
  • Lock Quote based on status. Added a new field called Lock to the Statuses configuration. This tells the system to lock the Quote if it gets to that status.
  • Added a new setting Shading Mandatory. If ticked, Shading % must be set before Calculate Savings can be run.
  • Added new logos to the last page of the Quote Proposal.
  • Heat Pump widgets can now be configured in the Dealer Widgets settings.
  • Added a new field to Quote Photos so the user can enter text that will display under the photo.
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