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Added in Version 0.34


  • In this article we’ll describe how to process a Customer Payment on a Quote.

NOTE: Customer Payments require a seperate Stripe account to use.

Create a New Payment

  1. Open a Quote and click the Customer Payments action
  2. Click New Payment
  3. The New Customer Payment dialog will show
  4. Fill out the following fields:
    • Payment Type – Deposit or Balance
    • Amount – For Deposit payments this will default from the Deposit Required on the Quote. For Balance payments this will default from the remaining payment balance for the Quote.
    • Receipt Email – Defaults from the Customer Email
    • Description
  5. Click OK
  6. The new payment will appear in the Customer Payments grid.
  7. You can now either enter the credit card details (on behalf of the Customer) or send the Customer a Payment Email (see the steps below)

Enter Credit Card Details (on behalf of the Customer)

  1. In the Customer Payments grid, select a payment line and click Enter Credit Card Details
  2. The Payment Details dialog will show
  3. Review the payment details at the top of the page, then fill out the following fields:
    • Card Number
    • Expiration
    • CVC
    • Country
  4. Click OK
  5. The payment details will be sent to Stripe for processing

Send Payment Email

  1. In the Customer Payments grid, select a payment line and click Send Payment Email
  2. The Send Email dialog will show
  3. Select the Email Template and the Email To from the dropdown fields
  4. Review the Email Body and click OK

NOTE: The system will search the Email Body for the merge field [Payment Link] to display the Payment URL. If the merge field is not found, the Payment URL will be added to the end of the Email Body

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