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Planned Release Date: Apr, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error when creating and Invoice for a product with 0 Quantity.
  • Global Search will now show Jobs that are in the Admin list.
  • ZIP Money Status will now update between Combo Jobs.
  • SMS Module will now pickup mobile numbers in the Phone and Mobile fields on the Customer Card.


  • Calendar Integration: Users can now subscribe to a Calendar URL to see Tasks, Quotes and Jobs in their Desktop or Mobile Calendar. (more details)
  • Cabling Tool: Added a cabling tool to the Designer. This can be used to design the DC Cable path on the roof. (more details)
  • Site Plan: Added a new button to the Job called Site Plan. This will generate a PV (Solar) Site Information document that can be printed and displayed in the main switchboard and/or meter box on site. (more details)
  • Cost Sheet: Added a new button to the Job called Cost Sheet. This will show a breakdown of the components used on the Job and their Total Cost.
  • Added a new Job Status – ON HOLD
  • SMS Users can now send an SMS to Users from the Sales/Jobs/Admin Scheduler. (more details)
  • Customers set as Opt-Out of Marketing can be excluded from the Asset Service Report. (more details)
  • New Annotations have been added: Disconnection Point and You are Here
  • Added Mobile No as a merge field for Required Documents.
  • Added Admin Requirements to the right click menu for Sales/Jobs Scheduler.
  • Added the Finance section to the Customer Profile tab on the Job.
  • Added a new button to the Lead Card to open the Site Card.

Time Sheet Changes

  • Added Total Timesheet Hours to Jobs Report.
  • Timesheet Lines will now be populated from the Scheduler.
  • Admin Users can submit Timesheet Lines in the User Timesheet Page.
  • Admin Users can add Tasks in the User Timesheet Page.
  • Admin Users can edit the Location on Timesheet Lines.
  • Date Filter is now editable on the User Timesheet Page.
  • When starting or finishing a Task or Job, the system will use the current time for the Start/Finish time.
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