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Planned Release Date: Apr, 2022

Hot Fixes

  • Fixed CEC Battery warning. The system will now check if the PV System Size exceeds the Inverter Size x 1.34.
  • Quote Assumptions and Disclaimer Page has been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Page grids will now show 200 rows by default (instead of 50).
  • When a Quote is duplicated, the Quote Date (on the Customer Profile tab) will be changed to today’s date.
  • Added Quote ID to the file name when the Quote is automatically saved to Documents (when it is emailed).
  • Region will now populate correctly when adding a new address to the system.
  • Status will now default to No Status when creating a new Quote or Job from the list.
  • Site is now mandatory when creating a new Quote or Job from the list.
  • Users can now add photos on the Customer Photos page.
  • Fixed an issue with the Panel and Inverter filters on the Price List Report.


  • Quote Notes: Added a new button to the Quote page called Quote Notes. This allows Salespeople or Admin Users to add notes to the Quote which automatically synchronise with the Activity Log. (more details)
  • Marketing Opt-Out: Customers can now be marked as Opt-Out of Marketing on the Customer Card. (more details)
  • Transfer Customer Photos: Added new function to Quote/Job photos to Transfer Customer Photos. (more details)
  • Assigned To is now mandatory when changing the Quote Status to Quote Complete and Successful.
  • Added a new Setting to turn off the Convert to Quote function. This does not effect the Schedule Lead function. (more details)
  • Added a new Setting to change the Reminder Date colour. This was hardcoded to red. (more details)
  • Added Postcode to the New Customer Report.

PV Kit Builder Changes

  • Accessories will now lookup Active Products only.
  • Added 2 extra Accessory slots to the PV Kit Builder.
  • Product markup can now be modified per Inverter (Add or Subtract a % of Markup).

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