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Planned Release Date: June, 2021

Sales App

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several errors associated with the Duplicate Quote function.
  • Sales Report (New) was missing GST on the STC’s for Commercial Quotes.
  • The Bundle With column will now clear when saving the design.
  • Fixed data not showing in Sales Report (New) when Status or Category filters are applied.
  • Labour is now included in the Total Wholesale Cost column in Sales Report (New).


  • Sales Dashboard: Added a new icon to the dashboard called Sales Dashboard. This will show conversions and KPI’s for salespeople (more details).
  • Six Maps Imagery (NSW Dealers Only): When using High Res mode in the designer and Nearmaps coverage is not found, the designer will use Six Maps Imagery instead.
  • Load your own Image: Added a new button to the designer tool called Load Image. This can be used to load your own high res image or floor plan into the designer (more details).
  • Default Finance Term: All new quotes will populate with a Finance Term of 60 months. This can be changed in the Additional Info section on the quote.
  • In-Home Assessment: Added a new field to Quotes called In-Home Assessment. The default value will be set to Yes on Scheduled Quotes. This will feed data into the Sales Dashboard.
  • Sales Date Configuration: This will tell the system when to add a Sales Date to a Quote based on the Status (more details).
  • Added Deposit Paid Date and In-Home Assessment to Sales Report (New).
  • Admin users can now change the Not Proceeding Date on a Quote (similar to the Change Sales Date function) (more details).

Updated Definition

  • A quote is now considered Accepted if the status is Quote Accepted and Requires Finalisation or Quote Complete and Successful.


Bug Fixes

  • JOURNALS menu will now be hidden for non System Admin users.
  • Fixed data not showing in Jobs Report when Status or Category filters are applied.


  • Required Documents on Admin Requirements: Required Documents can now be attached to Service Admin Requirements (more details).
  • Moved the Assets button before the Picking List button on Jobs.
  • Added a new filter to the Asset Service Report for the Service Reminder Period.
  • When modifying the design on an Installation Job, an activity log will be created.
  • Added a new filter to the Jobs list called Head Installer Filter.
  • The user can select multiple requirements and categories when setting up Service Mandatory Requirements.

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