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Planned Release Date: August, 2021

Sales App

Bug Fixes

  • When using the Use RRP function in the Product Worksheet, products with a Labour cost will be ignored.
  • Fixed the sorting in the Kit dropdown in the Quote Designer tool to use Product Category sorting.
  • The first page of the Quote Proposal will now show if any of the quote products have Include in System Details ticked regardless of the type of quote.
  • Fixed duplicate Inverter Annotations on PV Quotes.
  • Nearmaps and Six Maps images will now save correctly on an iPad.


  • Labour Markup %: Added a new field to Products called Labour Markup %. This will apply a markup percentage to the Labour cost separately to the Wholesale Cost to calculate the Sell Price. Added Wholesale Cost Markup % and Labour Markup % to the PV and HW pricing import.
  • Added a new column to Sales Report (New) called Net Quote Price (ex GST) After STCs & Before Gov Rebates and Subsidies. This column is available to select in the Sales Amounts option, in Settings, for the Sales Dashboard.
  • Added column filtering to the Activity Log page.


Bug Fixes

  • Added System Details and Installation Comments to the My Calendar page in tablet mode (to match desktop mode).


  • Job Redesign Approval Process: Added a new approval process to Jobs when the design is changed so the customer can re-approve changes to the price and performance (more details).
  • Added a new action the Jobs List called Column Filters. This will allow the user to add filters to specific columns in the grid.
  • The UOM on the Picking List will now default to EA.
  • Added new actions to the Alerts page to open the Customer Card and Activity Log for the selected Alert.
  • Added the measuring tool to the Capture Site Image page.
  • Added Sites to the global search (at the top of the app).
  • Added the Apply Filters action to the Jobs Report.

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