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Planned Release Date: September, 2021

Sales App

Bug Fixes

  • Task Details Report was not showing in the menu for some dealers.
  • Recurring Tasks can no longer be dragged in the Sales Scheduler.
  • Added more information to the Quote dropdown on the Task Card screen.
  • Fixed the column captions when exporting Sales Report – New to csv.
  • Inactive users are now hidden from the Assigned To field on the Task Card screen.
  • Commercial Only hot water systems will no longer show in the Designer Tool for residential Quotes.
  • Increased the font size for Warranty Information on the Quote Proposal printout.
  • Grid Application Status will now default to blank instead of N/A.


  • Offline Mode: Salespeople can now take their Lead and Quote data offline and upload it when they have an internet connection (more details).
  • When importing Leads from a csv, the system will now add an Activity Log for Lead Created.


Bug Fixes

  • When redesigning a combo job, the incorrect Kits were selected on open of the Designer Tool.
  • Fixed the layout of the Invoices screens in mobile mode.
  • Fixed the Picking List in mobile mode.
  • Inactive Installers are now visible on the Service Job screen (for historical purposes).
  • Fixed an issue where PV products were added to the HW Job when a combo quote is converted to Installation Jobs.


  • Added a new button to the Quote called Site Image. This will allow users to capture an image of the site from the Quote screen.
  • When importing Inventory, the system will highlight lines that have been imported previously (based on Date, Product Code and Reference).
  • Added Column Filters to the Asset and Sites lists.
  • When the Customer approves the redesign of a Job, an Activity Log will be created.

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