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Planned Release Date: November, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Estimated STC’s on Products will now calculate from the Default STC Calculation Year setting instead of the current year.
  • Fixed an error when opening a Quote Document containing a colon (:) in the name.
  • Added more information to the My Calendar tooltips in desktop mode.
  • If the dealer has a product image and the pricing data does not, the dealer image will be used in the Product Worksheet.
  • The public holiday background colour will now be shown in the My Calendar page in desktop mode.
  • Added a progress meter to the Save Design function.


  • Price List Report: Added a new action to the Products List and Product Worksheet called Print Price List. This will show a printable pricing list per Inverter and Panel combination (more info).
  • Show/Hide Graphs: Added 2 new tick boxes to the Quote Review page, Hide Solar Panel Energy Analysis and Hide Financial Charts. This can be used to show or hide these graphs on the Quote Review and Quote Proposal (more info).
  • Quick Map Viewer: Added a new action to the Dashboard called Quick Map Viewer. This can be used to quickly lookup an address in the mapping tool and create a Customer (more info).
  • Added Mapping Services: New mapping services have been added, QLD Globe, Mapshare VIC and Location SA. These will be used in QLD, VIC and SA when Nearmaps coverage is not found.
  • Lock Markup: Dealers can now lock the markup % in the Products List and Product Worksheet. Added a new setting to lock either the Labour Markup (default) or the Wholesale Cost Markup or Change Both (proportionally), so if the user changes the Sell Price, it can recalculate the markup percentages (more info).
  • User Interface Changes: Upgraded user interface in desktop mode and added paging for grids.
  • Sales Report (New) Changes: Added 2 new columns to the report, Additional Charge (inc GST) and Site. Added a new filter for In-Home Assessment Date.
  • Sales Dashboard Changes: The Systems Sold quantity will now be shown for Accepted Quote figures and KPI’s. The figures will now drill down to Sales Report (New) for Admin users and Sales Dashboard Data for Salespeople.
  • Hot Water only quotes will now show the finance graphs.
  • The Hot Water STC quantity will now be show in the pricing breakdown on the Quote Review and Quote Proposal.
  • Added a new action to the Site Image page called Remove Image.

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