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Planned Release Date: November, 2021

Terminology Changes

  • Service People and Installers are now Technicians
  • Service Jobs are now Jobs (unless Job Type = Service)
  • Service Mandatory Requirements are now Technician Requirements

Bug Fixes

  • Contractors can no longer access the Performance Estimate, Activity Log, Admin Requirements or Set Reminder actions.
  • When re-designing a Job, zooming or panning the map will no longer trigger the customer approval process.


  • Quickbooks Integration: Added a new financial integration for Quickbooks Online. This can be used to integrate Customers and Invoices from Enterprise App to Quickbooks (more info).
  • Stocktake Journal: Added a new journal for performing a stocktake on Inventory (more info).
  • Timesheets: Staff can now record time sheet entries against Tasks, Quotes and Jobs (more info).
  • Alerts have been moved from the Dashboard to the top right of the app. The number of active alerts will be visible as a red notification bubble.
  • When re-designing an installation Job, the system will ask if you would like to recalculate the Picking List (as long as there are no posted Picking List lines).
  • Added a new field to the Customer card called Due Date Calc (Days). This can be used to override the default setting on new Invoices.
  • Asset Service Report: If a second contact is setup for a Customer, both will receive the service email. If a Site is not linked to a Customer, the Site Contact will be used.
  • Stock Ordering Report: Added a new column for the Current Inventory.

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