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  • In this article we’ll explain how to perform a stocktake using the Stocktake Journal.

How to perform a stocktake

  1. Open the Main Menu and scroll down to JOURNALS.
  2. Click Stocktake Journal. All inventory products will be shown.
  3. Input the Actual Inventory quantity for each product. The Current Inventory quantity is shown as a reference.
  4. The journal will calculate the Adjustment Quantity and colour the line depending on if a negative or positive adjustment is required.

Transfer the Inventory Adjustments

  1. Once all inventory has been checked, click the Transfer to Inventory Journal button.
  2. Input a Date and Reference No. for the lines that will be created.
  3. Click OK. All adjustments will be transferred to the Inventory Journal.
  4. The Inventory Journal will be opened up automatically.
  5. Review the Inventory Journal, select the lines and click Post. This will post the adjustments to inventory.

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