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Planned Release Date: January, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the product images in the Quote Designer tool.
  • Fixed a timezone issue when the Customer accepts a Quote via the email link.
  • When a Quote is archived, the Reminder Date will be cleared.
  • Fixed an issue when using Google Maps in the Quick Map Viewer.
  • Inactive Salespeople can no longer be assigned to Quotes.
  • When a recurring Task is completed, it will now complete the single occurrence of the Task.
  • When creating or modifying User credentials, the system will stop you from creating a duplicate User.
  • When a Unit of Measure has been renamed, all occurrences of that Unit of Measure will also be renamed.


  • Kit Builder: Dealers can now generate Hot Water and PV Kits based on combination of products. This will replace the Hot Water and PV Kits sent by Rheem.

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