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Planned Release Date: January, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • When a Deposit Paid or Payment Date is recorded on the Job, it will now copy to the original Quote.
  • Fixed an issue where the user could not enter “0” in the Stocktake Journal.
  • Added “Combo” to the Deposit Paid column in the Jobs list if the Deposit is for a combo Job.


  • SMS Module: Users can now send SMS Messages from Staff, Customers, Pre-CRM Customers, Leads, Quotes, Jobs and the Asset Service Report. SMS Replies are recorded in the Activity Log. (more info)
  • Sales Requirements: Admin Requirements can now be added to Leads and Quotes (similar to the existing Jobs functionality).
  • Added a new tick box to the Site Card called Hide from Sites List. This will allow the user to hide certain Sites from the Site List page.
  • Added a new column to the Sites List called Has Image. The user can filter on this column to show a list of Sites with/without an Image.
  • Added Last Service to the Asset Service Report export CSV function.
  • When invoicing a Job, and a paid deposit is detected, the user will be prompted to record the Deposit Paid and Payment Date.
  • Added a new tick box to the Inventory Out report called Include Jobs with no Date. This will allow the user to report on Jobs that do not have a Date set.
  • Added a new report: Completed Jobs.

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