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Planned Release Date: Feb, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Lead Notes will now display above Customer Notes on the Lead Card.
  • Added Email and Phone to the Leads List.
  • Systems Sold in the Sales Dashboard will now multiply by the Quantity on the Quote Product.
  • When a Customer accepts a Quote using the email link, a loading message will now appear.
  • The Panel Filter and Inverter Filter on the Products List will now exclude inactive Products.


  • Solahart Leads Integration: Leads from Solahart will automatically integrate with the Leads List. Dealers can opt in to integrate Dealer Created Leads with Solahart (more details).
  • Quote Link Expiry: Added a setting for Quote Link Expiry (in days) for Quote Acceptance Links. If the customer tries to accept a Quote (via the email link) that has expired, they will receive a message and the Salesperson will be notified (more details).
  • Battery Reminder: If a PV System is added to the Quote where the System Size is greater than the Inverter Size x 1.33, a reminder will be displayed that a Battery is required.
  • Updated the ZIP Finance account keeping fee to $7.95 per month (increased from $6.00 per month).
  • Added a new column and filter to the Sales Report called Reason. This will display the Status Reason for the Quote.
  • Added a new setting to make Deposit mandatory. If Deposit is not mandatory, a Quote can be completed without a Deposit amount.
  • Added a search box to the Scheduler pages. This can be used to filter out events in the Scheduler.
  • Added Estimated STCs (quantity) to the Products List.
  • Added a new Setting to called NMI Number Mandatory. Unticking this will make the NMI Number optional on Quotes.

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