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Added in Version 0.24


  • This article will explain how to create load a custom image into the System Designer tool. This can be used to load a custom high res image or floor plan into the designer tool.

Loading a Custom Image

  1. Open the Quote or Job you want to load the custom image into.
  2. Go to the PV/HW/Battery/Other tab and click Edit Design.
  3. Click Load Image button.
  4. In the Load Image dialog, select or drag an image into the box provided.
  5. This will drop the image and a Measuring Box into the designer.
  6. The Measuring Box can be resized to a known dimension using the toolbar at the top (set the width and height in meters).
  7. The image can then be scaled to the correct dimensions using the Measuring Box and the known dimension.
  8. Once the image is scaled, it can then be rotated to the correct orientation.

NOTE: When the design is saved, the Measuring Box is automatically hidden.

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