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  • In this article we’ll explain how to duplicate a Quote.

How to duplicate a Quote

  1. Find the Quote you wish to duplicate and click Open.
  2. Under Actions click Duplicate Quote.

If the Quote you are duplicating has a status of Complete and Successful, a new copy of the quote will be created and the status will be reset. Otherwise, the system will create a family of duplicate quotes.

When a Quote is part of a quote family it will link the following Quote sections together:

  • Site Analysis
  • Tariffs
  • Photos
  • Documents

The following status bar will appear on quotes that are part of a quote family.

Duplicate quotes can then be filtered in the Sales Report based on the Duplicate Filter rule (more details).

Accepting a Duplicate Quote

When a quote in the quote family is set to a status of Complete and Successful, the other quotes in the family will be automatically set to a status of Inactive and un-linked.

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