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Planned Release Date: Apr, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Grid Application status will now flow through correctly from the Quote to the Installation Job.
  • Added Site Specific Values and Assumptions and Disclaimers to the Performance Estimate on Jobs.
  • Fixed a rounding issue on the Stocktake Journal.
  • Finance Term will now default to blank for New Service Jobs.
  • Replaced the Total Product Price (inc GST) column on the Jobs/Admin List with Total Price (inc GST).


  • Landing Pages: Landing Pages can be setup to collect Customer data to convert into a Lead in the system. Landing Pages can be configured with custom branding and form layout and tracked against a certain Lead Source in the system. A URL, QR Code or Embedded Form can be generated to send to Customers or embedded in a website. More info
  • Tags: Tags can be configured with a Name and Colour and assigned to the Sales, Jobs and Admin sections of the app. These can be applied to Quotes /Jobs via the Scheduler (under the right click menu) or from the Customer Profile tab on a Quote or Job. The tag colour will override the Status Colour in the Scheduler and Quotes/Jobs/Admin List pages. More info
  • Bulk Edit: Quotes and Jobs can now be selected and edited in bulk from the Quotes/Jobs/Admin List page by Admin users. Fields that can be edited in bulk include:
    • Quote/Job Date
    • Quote/Job Time
    • Salesperson/Head Technician
    • Status (only certain Statuses can be used)
    • Reason (if applicable, based on Status)
    • Tag
  • Site Plans can now be configured to display a PV Owners Guide QR Code and PV Servicing Information. More info
  • Due Date on Invoices can now be calculated as Days After Invoice Date (default), Date of Current Month or Date of Next Month.
  • Product Categories can now be set up to auto configure new Products to be Stock Items (the system will auto untick Non-Stock Product).
  • Required Documents can now be configured to default the Visible to Contractor tick box.
  • Added a new Job Type called Warranty. Added a new filter button on the Jobs/Admin List to quickly filter down to Warranty Jobs.
  • Added a new merge field for Required Documents called %Original Salesperson%. This can be used on Job Documents to display the salesperson’s name from the original Quote (if applicable).
  • Cost Sheet will now use the Qty Picked value from the Picking List (if specified) instead of the original Product quantity.
  • The Date Filter is now optional on the Product Search Report.
  • Added a Quantity column to the Product Search Report.
  • Added a new field called Sort to the REQUIREMENTS selection list. This can be used to set the order of Technician Requirements against the Job.
  • Added a new field to Products called Show in Picking List. This will allow certain Kits to be added to the Picking List by users (by default only components can be manually added to Picking Lists).
  • Added a new action to the Quote/Job page for Site Card.
  • Added a new column to Leads/Quotes/Jobs/Admin lists for Region.
  • Users can now access the Site Plan by right clicking the Job in the Scheduler.
  • Users can now access the Activity Log by right clicking the Quote/Job in the Scheduler.
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