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Planned Release Date: Apr, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Sales Dashboard KPI’s will now handle negative sales (Quotes that have a Sales Date that have since been set to Not Proceeding).
  • Fixed several Performance Score Card calculations.
  • The system will no longer import Battery Kits from Solahart if the Battery Kit Builder has been used.
  • When setting a Quote to Complete and Successful, the system will now display all mandatory field errors (instead of one at a time).


  • Panel Upgrade Kits with Optimisers : Added a new special Inverter to the PV Kit Builder called PANEL UPGRADE W/OPTIMISERS. This will allow the user to build Panel Upgrade kits which automatically include Optimisers.
  • Sales Dashboard Views : Several views have been added to the Sales Dashboard. This will allow the user to view data Monthly (current view), Quarterly, Year to Date or a Custom Date Range. Targets and KPIs will automatically adjust based on the view that has been selected.
  • Email Merge Field Fallback : Email merge fields can now have a fallback value specified by separating the values with a pipe (|). Example: %Mobile|Phone% will tell the system to use the Mobile value, but if it is blank, use the Phone value instead.
  • The Update Sales process will now run automatically overnight (for the Current Month and Last Month of data).
  • Added new merge fields to Email Templates to insert the logged in user’s Full Name, Email Address or Mobile Number. These can be accessed by the Generic Merge Fields button in an email template.
  • Task Categories can now be set to Hide from Scheduler. This will hide Tasks under these categories from all Scheduler pages.
  • Added a new security role Can Export Data. Users with this role will have the ability to export data from the system (this was only available to Configuration Users).
  • Added a new PV Kit Builder setting called PV Upgrade Kit Category. When specified, this category will be used for PANEL UPGRADE and PANEL UPGRADE W/OPTIMISERS kits generated.
  • Users can now toggle the date filter on the Promo Report between filtering on the Quote Date or the Sales Date.
  • Added new fields to the Grid Application section on Quotes called Electricity Bill Account No. and Electricity Bill Account Name. These can be made mandatory in Settings.
  • Lead Report Changes:
    • Changed the date filter for the following columns (all columns used to filter on Lead Date):
      • Converted to Quote – Quote Date
      • Converted to Sales – Sales Date
      • Converted to Installs – Job Date
    • Exclude rows with zero values
    • Added a column next to Converted to Sales for Systems Sold (count the systems sold for the quotes converted to sales)
    • Added a Duplicate Filter (similar to the Sales Report)
    • Added options:
      • Include deleted Leads/Quotes/Jobs
    • Added a totals row
    • Removed the Potential Sales column
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