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Planned Release Date: July, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Interval Data can now be imported over the end of the year. Ie: Sep 2023 – Feb 2024.
  • Roof Products will now calculate correctly on duplicate Quotes.
  • When a User is renamed (Username or Email changes), the system will now update all linked data correctly (Quotes/Jobs/Activity Logs etc).
  • Acceptance Date will now populate correctly if a Quote is changed from Requires Followup directly to Complete and Successful.
  • Operating hours for Commercial Quotes will now automatically remove any “minutes” that are entered, as this causes the Savings Calculations to work incorrectly.
  • The time has been removed from the coverage dropdown in the Quote Designer tool, as it did not represent the time the Hi Res image was taken.


  • Online Booking Form: Dealers can now specify recurring Appointment Availability. This is used on the Solahart Website to allow potential customers to reserve an appointment time. (more info)
  • Solar Loans: Products can now have a Repayable Loan Term specified. This will increase the payback period on the Quote and effect the Year to Year Cash Flow. (more info)
  • Split Panels: Panel Arrays can now be split into individual panels in the Quote Designer tool. This can be used to move or delete certain panels in the array. (more info)
  • Added a new User Role called Include in Sales Dashboard. This will allow non-sales people users to be included in the Sales Dashboard data.
  • Seperate Roof Products can now be setup for based on the orientation of the Panels (Portrait/Landscape).
  • Enphase Micro Inverters are now available in the PV Kit Builder.
  • When the Quote Accepted email is sent to the customer (EMAIL2), the system will automatically attach the Quote Proposal as a PDF.
  • Lead Report changes.
  • Users can now hide the Site Specific Values section on the Quote Proposal for HW/Other Quotes.
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