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Planned Release Date: July, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a speed issue with the Stock Ordering report.


  • Custom Reports: App data can be integrated directly into Google Sheets/Excel. Report Datasources can be generated and configured to run under certain User credentials. The data can be filtered and used in charts, pivot tables etc (more info)
  • Import Purchases: Purchases from Xero can be imported directly into the Inventory Journal. If a Product doesn’t exist, it can either be created, ignored or mapped to an existing Product. MYOB and Quickbooks imports coming soon (more info)
  • When a Quote/Job is set to Not Proceeding, the user has the option to create a new Lead to recontact the Customer at a later date.
  • Customers can now be Updated in Financial Software in bulk from the Customers List.
  • Regions can be updated in bulk from the Sites/Customers List. Note: Region postcode mapping is required in Main Menu > Configure > Regions.
  • Added Inc GST values to Cost Sheets.
  • Technicians can now be setup with a default Inventory Location. This will be used as the default location on the Picking List if the technician is the Head Technician.
  • Picking Slips can now be run in bulk from the Jobs List.
  • Added a Head Technician filter to the Stock Ordering report.
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