How to map installers with Bridge Select

Overview Check User Qualifications To get started, you need to check that you have the Electrician and Plumber Qualification types set up. Assign User Qualifications Now if you update or create jobs from the Enterprise App to Bridge Select, the Head Installer will be automatically selected.

Product Search Report

Added in Version 0.31 Overview In this article we’ll describe how run the Product Search Report. Run Product Search Report Open the Main Menu and scroll down to REPORTS Click Product Search Report Input the report filters: Start Date End Date Product Quote Status – Optional Job Status – Optional The report will Read more…

Available Required Documents

1 Redesign Form 2 Equipment Installed and Warranty Information – Solar Hot Waters 3 Equipment Installed and Warranty Information – PV & Batteries 4 Installation Checklist & Testing Form – PV & Batteries 5 Installation checklist – Solar Hot Waters 6 SWMS document draft 1 in progress 7 NSW dealers Read more…

How to print a Site Plan

Added in Version 0.30 Overview In this article we’ll describe how to print a Site Plan. Printing the Site Plan Open the Job you wish to print Click Site Plan under the Actions tab You can then choose to Print or Email the Site Plan