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  • In this article we’ll explain how to pick inventory using the Picking List on a Job.

How to Pick Inventory

  1. Open the job you want to pick inventory for.
  2. Click the Picking List button.
  3. If the job is type Installation, the picking list will be automatically populated from the quote. If the type is Service, click Import Pick from Products to populate the picking list.
  4. As the inventory is picked from the shelf, the user can add a Qty Picked to the Picking List. You can also click the ‘Autofill Pick‘ button to copy the Qty Required as the Qty Picked. A printed version of the Picking List can also be created by clicking the Print Picking Slip button.
  5. Once all of the inventory has been picked, click the Post button. This will deduct the picked quantities from inventory. Once a line is posted it will turn green and will not be editable. You can still add and delete non-posted lines.

NOTE: If there is not enough inventory in stock when clicking Post an error will occur.

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