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  • In this article we’ll explain how to check the inventory level of a Product.

How to check the Inventory of a Product

  1. Open the Main Menu and scroll down to CONFIGURE
  2. Click Products.
  3. Find the Product you want to check the inventory level for.
  4. In the Product Details, you will see the Inventory quantity.
  5. If you click the Inventory quantity it will display the inventory details for the Product:
    • Date – Transaction date. Inventory will be picked using FIFO, so the oldest inventory is picked first.
    • Wholesale Cost – Unit cost of the product at that date.
    • Quantity – Quantity of the product at a certain unit of measure.
    • UOM – Unit of measure.
    • Qty per UOM – Quantity per the unit of measure.
    • Base Quantity – Quantity as per the base unit of measure.
    • Source – Transaction source/reference.
    • Applied Quantity – The quantity of product that has been used.
    • Fully Applied – Ticked if all of the quantity has been used.
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