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  • In this article we’ll explain how to import inventory using the Inventory Journal.

How to import inventory

  1. Open the Main Menu and scroll down to JOURNALS
  2. Click Inventory Journal.
  3. Click the Import Inventory button.
  4. Optional: Add default values for Date, UOM and Reference (only do this if you are not importing this data).
  5. Click Download CSV Template. This will download a csv file to your computer.
  6. Add your inventory data to the csv template (ie: from purchase order data).
  7. When the csv template is filled, click the Import CSV button and select your csv data file.
  8. The data from the file will be loaded into the Inventory Journal.

Posting the Inventory Journal

  1. Before posting the journal, make sure the data is correct. Rows that are coloured red have invalid product codes that will need to be corrected.
  2. Using the checkboxes on the left, select the rows you want to post.
  3. Click the Post button.
  4. The selected journal lines will be posted to inventory and deleted.

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