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  • Selection Lists are lists which make the rest of the system work correctly. You will connect these lists to other parts of the system further on in the setup.

Configure Selection Lists

  1. Open the Main Menu and scroll down to CONFIGURE
  2. Click Selection Lists
  3. Select the list you want to edit and click Edit

Types of CRM Selection Lists

CUSTTYPEAdd Trading Company to Customer type. This will be used when creating an STC invoice.
PRODUCTCATAdd a number 2 in Other Column; H/W Spare Parts – Add a number 3 in Other Column plus any other products that you may need for servicing.
QUALAdd any qualifications that your technicians/installers may have e.g. CEC, Working with Heights, Electrical Licence, Plumbing Licence.
REQUIREMENTSAdd any requirements that you expect your installers/technicians to carry out. These requirements will become mandatory for them to complete an installation or a service. E.g. Photo of Panel Array, Panel Serial Number has been scanned, SWMS completed, Optimiser mapping completed.

Each requirement requires a “Pre” or “Post” setting depending on when you expect that requirement to be completed.

There is also a section for Required Document. This can only be added once your Documents have been configured in the system. This section allows the document to be opened by the technician or installer in the service area easily and is connected to the requirements. 
ROLESAdd any additional Roles for Technicians/Installers e.g. Electrician, Plumber
UOMUnits of Measure – This is used for the Inventory section. Add any units of measure e.g. each, metre, litre
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