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Planned Release Date: Nov, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Heat Pump Thermal Data will now match by Zone first then the closest Weather Station
  • Reminder Date colour will now show in the Quotes List Legend
  • When adding a Panel Array to a Quote Design, the orientation will automatically be set to the last orientation used for the design
  • Fixed an issue when using an Existing PV System + New PV System where the savings calculation was clipped due to an incorrect inverter size
  • The user can no longer select different Panel Types on the same PV System


  • Contract of Sale: When the Quote Proposal amount is greater than $5,000 and the State is NSW, the system will require the Customer to provide a signature before accepting the Quote. When EMAIL2 is sent, a Contract of Sale will be attached to the email (including the Customer and Dealer signatures). More info
  • New Build/Builders Quote: Added a new tick box to the Additional Info tab on the Quote called New Build/Builders Quote. When ticked, the Widgets and Charts will be hidden on the Quote Proposal.
  • New Graph – HW Running Costs: Added a new chart to the Quote Proposal for HW Systems called HW Running Costs. This will show the HW Savings Return on Investment.
  • Auto RRP: Added a new setting to the PV/HW/Battery Kit Builder called Auto RRP. When ticked, components used in Kits will have their Sell Price automatically set to RRP + PV/HW/Battery Markup. More info
  • The Update Sales process on the Sales Dashboard will now only process Quotes that have been modified since the last time Update Sales was run. The number of Quotes waiting to be processed will be displayed on the Update Sales button.
  • Solahart Promo Products can now be rolled out to dealers Product Lists by Solahart Head Office
  • Product Sync – All fields will now sync from the Products List to the Products Worksheet when updated
  • Added a new button to the Quote called Refresh Prices. This will refresh all Quote Product prices from the Products List
  • Proposal Date will now appear on all pages of the Quote Proposal
  • Added a new Selection List called PHOTODESCRIPTION. These can be selected when the user adds a Description to a Photo
  • Added the Inactive checkbox to the Products grid to easily make Products Active/Inactive
  • The data in the %User Email% merge field will now be lowercase when merged
  • The Accept Quote button can now be added to Quote Followup Emails
  • Changes to In-Home Assessment Date will now be logged to the Activity Log
  • Calculate Savings will now calculate HW Savings for each System (1-4)
  • When emailing a Quote, the user can now choose to send the email to the Sales Manager
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