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Added in Version 0.35


  • In this article we’ll describe how to submit Warranty Information from an Installation Job. Please make sure this feature has been configured before use.

Submit Warranty Integration

  1. Open the Installation Job.
  2. Click the Warranty Information button at the top of the page.
  3. The Warranty Information Card will open and pre-fill information from the Job and Job Assets.
  4. If Photos or Assets have not been added to the Job yet, you can resync this data at anytime using the Resync from Job button in the respective section.
  5. After loading the photos, make sure to assign them to a Photo Type using the pencil icon.
  6. Make sure all mandatory fields are filled in, then click Submit.
  7. Interim Step: The existing Cognito Form will display in a popup and autofill from the Warranty Information Card. You can then review the information and submit the form from the popup window.
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